Friday, November 26, 2010

The Day After

I hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving holiday! I know I am still stuffed from all the great food that we made within our family! On Wednesday, we celebrated here at my house with a Ham dinner, and on Thursday, we visited both my mom and Angel's moms' houses for Turkey dinner! We sure ate a lot! (Or maybe just I did, owell, it was great!) I hope everyone enjoyed and is now ready to kick off the Christmas season!

Aspiring to Creativity is giving away some awesome blog candy, check it out and leave a comment, its a great lot of supplies!

I am going back in to work today, but just wanted to do a quick post to say hello and show some pictures from the last craft fair I did. This one was also a 3 day event at a local mall. This mall is a lot bigger than the last one I did, so I expected to make a killing, but unfortunately, I did not do so well. Everyone was going to the mall to do major shopping, but they were not exactly interested in anything that was being sold for the arts and crafts fair. I did okay, but I was definitely dissapointed in the outcome. Nonetheless, thank you to everyone who came out and supported me!

The table setup:

My life partner showing off the goodies. (He was with me the entire time, I can't thank him enough)

The jewelry:

Jewelry after adding prices tags

Cards, Nugget tins, Kids Treat Buckets, Rudolph Spares, gift tags and S'more kits!

Some Character Christmas cards, had to display these, came out really cute!

My earring stand. I love this idea, the rack is from Walmart, it is actually an organizer for kitchen pans!

I am going to do one last fair this year, but this one is going to be one day for a few hours at a local elementary school. I may need to lower prices a bit, I don't want to overcharge for a school. I definitely want to support them and hopefully I will make some good sales. I am excited to make some school related items to bring to the fair. I am going to be adding some cards and bookmarks, but I think that is it. Everything else I still have left over! This fair is on 12-3-10, so I will post pictures of that one when I am done there.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, bundle up, its getting colder!

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