Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Thursday! Long post!

Hey guys, how are you doing?! I am doing great, enjoying a beautiful morning here to myself while the girls are at school and my DH is at work! The last couple of days have been really windy and gross here in El Paso, but today, the wind has finally died down. It is nice and calm outside, so I took my little doggy for a walk and cleaned up the yard a bit, and now I figured that it's about time that I fill you in on some projects I have made over the last month. I have a lot to share, so there will be lots and lots of pictures, and it is all random! These are things I have made that I just didn't have time to share!

Before I share all the photos, I just wanted to say that I cannot believe what these tornadoes and storms have done in the south, it is terrible. My heart and prayers go out to all of you.

These are the gift bags and the birthday cards we made for Angel this year for his birthday. I used Angie's Gala Bag tutorial here to make the bags. In the video, she uses 8x8" sheets of paper to make her bag, but I also made one using 12x12" sheets of paper and scored and cut them the same.

I made 2 diaper cakes and 2 baby boy cards for 2 of my co-workers who both just had adorable little baby boys!

These are all the Easter projects from this year! These are bags I made to hold jelly beans for "Bunny Poop" and I used the bunny from the Create a Critter Cricut Cartridge. We handed these out to the students in my youngest daughter's class. They all thought it was just hilarious that they were eating bunny poop.

I had so much fun making these! I absolutely love the Mini Milk Carton die from Stampin' Up, but I don't actually own one. I found this brilliant tutorial here and I am going to love making more of these for Halloween and Christmas! These are filled with jelly beans, and I meant to add a little bunny to these as well, but I just didn't have time.

I made this Easter gift bag for a co-worker who is also my dear friend and the girls' after school babysitter. I made some jewelry for her and added an Easter card and Hersheys Nugget tin.

These are the Easter Hershey Nugget tins and cards I made for my co-workers and family this year.

Birthday cards for my nieces.

Goodbye card for a co-worker.

Mini note card sets, I just love these, I can have them available for any occasion!

Mini Thank You Notes!

These are mini lunchbox note cards I made using the Way to Go Kiddo stamp set from Papertrey Ink, they are so cute!

And last but no least, I made these little candy favors for a girls' birthday party, I plan to put them up on Etsy.

Whew! Thats it for now, I didn't realize how behind I was on posting until after I started this post! Thanks for stopping by, if you have any questions on any of the projects, leave a comment and let me know. Until next time, enjoy the rest of your week!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Paper Variety Week 29

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I am doing good, keeping busy with work and my family, I have started lots of projects this last week, I can't wait to share some of them! But first, this is the challenge this week over at the Paper Variety:

There is a contest going on over at my daughter's school for earth day. The challenge for the contest is to make a hat out of recycled products without using a real hat of any kind! We had a lot of fun coming up with ideas, and I knew for sure that I wanted to use my Big Shot to make flowers out of aluminum cans! I got this idea from Dawn over at Dawn's Stamping Thoughts, she always has great projects, I love watching her videos!

In celebration of Earth Day at my daughter's elementary school, there is a contest going on to make a hat of out recycled products without using a real hat of any kind. We had so much fun coming up with ideas on what to use and how to make hat, but I knew for sure that I wanted to try making the flowers with my Big Shot and aluminum cans. I love how they turned out, they were so much fun and so easy to make!

We used a pizza box, a butter container, various soda cans, ribbon scraps, foil, and packaging from my latest Papertrey ink Order. We cut a circle bigger than the butter container of out the pizza box and attached it to the bottom of the butter container using hot glue. This made the base for our hat. We cut strips out of the paper packaging and attached it around the base using modge podge.

I used my Big Shot and Stampin' Up's Original Blossom Party flower die to create all the flowers. You just select your cans, clean and dry them, then cut off the top and bottom of each can. Then, run it through your machine! I attached each flower together with a white brad. We used hot glue again to attach all the ribbon, the foil coils, and the flowers. I love the way it turned out. There are 3 categories the school is going to judge: most beautiful, most comical, and most creative. I hope she wins most creative!

So, for this weeks submission to the Paper Variety, I am submitting the hat we made with recycled aluminum flowers!

I went out and bought more soda cans in crazy colors just so I can make more flowers with them, I want to make flower pots for the yard and possibly even some pretty wind chimes. I just love this idea I found from Dawn!

I have been busy making easter treats for the girls' classes, I will be back later to share with you my Easter Bunny poop! Until then, thanks for stopping by, enjoy the rest of your week!