Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hurray for clean craft rooms!

You know when you are really in that artsy-crafty-oh-so-creative mood and your craft room suddenly looks like a tornado ran through it? And then you clean everything up and put everything in its place and it looks so pretty and clean and organized? I love that feeling! Haha :)

Over my vacation, we switched out 2 of the rooms in our house, so I am now very happy to have a whole lot more space in my new organized and clean (although not for long!) craft room!

This was the old room, just not enough space at all! In the 2nd picture I am actually standing at the doorway, so you can see it was not enough space for me! I would have to open and close my craft table just to make room in there, but now in my new room I can leave it up and still have plenty of room to move around and make new messes!

This is my new craft room and I have to say I do love it! HeeHee. This is my favorite part of the room, my desk, where I can do what I like most, using the Cricut and Stamping. The bottom organizer is a Clip-it-Up Ribbon organizer, I have ribbon in the top part, but instead of hanging loose ribbon on the bottom, it is the perfect spot for all my clear stamps!

This is the computer desk corner, I always found it a problem in the old room, since it is a corner desk, it covered up the window in the old room, so I am glad it fit nicely in the new room!

These 2 shelves hold all my loose bead and jewelry supplies containers. I have to have them enclosed otherwise the girls will get into them, plus I like to have them in a dark area where not a lot of air can get it, this way, beads and jewelry findings do not lose their color or start to rust. I got the white shelf organizer at hobby lobby and I put this up high that way the girls do not mess with my Stampin' Up pads and all my embellishments!

I salvaged this shelf from work, so I use it to hold my Prismacolor Marker set, sewing machine, albums, and patterned paper pads. The organizer on the top shelve has 12 small compartments and spins, and this holds mostly misc. supplies such as tape, staplers, sandpaper, paint, etc. The blue compartment thingy hanging on the wall is actually supposed to be for nails and junk, I found it at Lowes, but it hold beads perfectly!

The closet has a lot of junk really, lots of school books, boxes, CDs, lots of extra ribbon, basically anything not worth storing in sight, lol. I have my white plastic storage containers with my loose scrapbooking paper and scrapbooking supplies close the my craft table. I also have candle making supplies and polymer clay in the bottom 2 drawers, the other drawers hold my punches, stickers, rub-ons and other misc. scrapbooking supplies.

I had a lot of loose scraps left over from one of my favorite paper packs, so the girls and I made these paper chains! You can't really see the patterns mixed together here but it looks really cool, I love it!

So obviously I am super-excited about my new room, I just love it, did I mention that? LOL. Just thought I would share my space with you, everyone have a great evening!

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