Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Cricut Lite Cartridge

So apparently Cricut has a new line coming out called the Cricut Lite. I saw the cartridges at Walmart last night and wanted to read more into it before I purchased any because I had not heard anything about them yet. So I looked online and apparently they are not supposed to be available until July 1st!!!! But I went back just to see if they still had them and THEY DID! AND THEY ARE ALL SOOOOO CUTE! And only $39!!!!! I looked on Ebay and people are bidding more than that already! I don't care if you made a mistake Walmart, I love you for being as impatient as I am and putting them out already :)

Angel would only let me get one for now so I went with the Celebrate with Flourish cartridge! Gonna start cutting out as soon as the kiddos go to sleep, I can't wait to try it, will post more later! :)

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