Thursday, March 22, 2012

Easter Treats

Hey everyone, how are you doing? Can you believe it is already spring?! The last few days the weather has been insane here, we had heavy winds, rain, hail, and snow all in one day! And now, we are back up to the 80 degree weather! We have been busy looking for a new house, we are prepared to move by the end of May, but so far, no luck in finding anything that absolutely "wows" me, so for the next few weeks, possibly months, I won't be able to create and post as much as I would like to!

I am however trying to keep up with my Etsy shop, but it is so hard to make new items often to provide etsy shoppers with a good variety of what I offer. My next vacation is at the end of May, so I am planning to spend that week creating like crazy to make as much as I can for my shop. Any suggestions?

Anywho, wanted to share a super quick post of a few Easter things I've made so far. I am absolutely in love with the M&M Candy stick treats, these things are so fun to make, and you can make them for any occasion! I've made almost 100 of these treats so far, I'm just down to making the tags for them. Here is a 2 sets I've made so far.

This first set I made using Taylored Expressions Totally Tags Spring Stamp set. This was my first TE Stamp set that I purchased, and I just love how clean and crisp the images stamped! I also ordered the matching tag die set with it, but I found it difficult to match up the images perfectly, even with the clear transparencies. So instead I just took the time to cut them out by hand. This took forever, but I love the way they turned out. This set sold in my etsy shop within 2 hours of me posting the listing! I've been trying to make another set, but the coloring and cutting out of each tag takes forever!

So I found some Etsy shops that sell clipart, and I purchased a couple of different file sets and tried to make the tags this was as well:

This was so much easier because all I had to do was print and punch out the tags, so much faster than hand-coloring and cutting out! I found this tags at MareeTrueLove's Etsy shop, and the best thing about it is she allows you to use her tags without a commercial license. All the images in her shop are adorable! I am a fan of etsy clipart shops now! I order my 1x8" clear bags from ClearBagsRUS etsy shop. It has been the only place so far that I can order 100 bags for a super low price, and I always receive my order within 2-3 days!

Well it's late and I feel like I am rambling! I hope to post more soon, thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend everyone!

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