Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! It sure went by fast! Just putting in a quick post before I head into work. :( I would give anything for some vacation right now! We spent the weekend mostly here at home. We are usually out and about running errands, but it was a bit windy on Saturday, did not feel much like going out anywhere!

Still need to finish some cleaning, but hopefully I will be able to get to that this weekend. I am also thinking about planning and dinner and movie night for my sisters and I because it has been forever since we have gotten together!

Finished this layout last night. I love this picture of Angel and the girls, it is from November '09 at the Las Cruces renaissance fair. I love seeing how creative other people are by going to arts and crafts fairs, they are the best!

I also made these cards inspired by Kristina Werner I love her work, she is so talented. The inspiration for these came from her "You're Totally Awesome" and "So very Happy Happy Happy for You" cards. Her's were so cute I had to try them on my own!

Hope everyone has a fantastic start to yet another week, have a great day!

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